Precision High Speed Presses

  • Twenty one Presses from
    5 to 80 Tons.
  • Material Thickness 0.08 -
    2 mm.
  • Material Widths to
  • Muti-Machines
    automatic assembling


  • Twenty formers are use
    for metal sheet forming
    and wire forming.
  • Special function
    machine sets for big
    quantity products.
  • With over 40 years
    experience technician
    we are able to design
    and make machine in

Tool Room

  • Completely equipped
    Modern Tool Room
    including Electric
    Discharge Machines
    and Grinding Machines.
  • Tools Designed,
    Produced and
    Maintained In-House.


  • Total 1488 square meters
    of four plants.
  • Establish in 1999.
  • Located on beautiful
    Guanin mountain of
    Taipei .
  • Turnover is over 3 million
    US dollars.
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